DigestStrong's Origin Story

DigestStrong's Origin Story

As a young man of 26 years old, my digestion was terrible...I had to suffer diarrhea, constipation, bloating and just terrible discomfort in my gut...I even had to plan parts of my life around toilet access...not to mention the near-constant depression.

Being 26, and my dad living until 81, I probably had 55 years to live...there was no way I could stand another 55 years of worse and worse digestion.

So I had 2 choices:

  1. reclaim my life and rebuild my digestion
  2. withdraw from my life and eventually go on disability...and just waste away

But **drumroll** I chose 1. reclaim my life and rebuild my digestion. It was a massive challenge to figure out how to do it...along the way I found a few quick fixes - like probiotics (and founded Probiotics.org in the process).

I Eventually Found The Right Tools For The Job...

The discovery of what it took to rebuilt my digestion was an expensive, 3 year process...and those 3 years were filled with dedication, blood, sweat, tears, optimism, changing habits and finding massive internal strength...but to reclaim my life and rebuild my digestion, that was the price I had to pay.

But it will be quicker for you. If I had the same knowledge back at 26, I could have improved my digestion by 45% in 90 days...and gotten my digestion 95% perfect in under 18 months.

The great thing about us humans, is that you get to learn from my mistakes and my successes...and you can take the direct route. By using this program you can go back in time...to a time and place where your digestion is strong, and get your life back.

So...are you up to the challenge?

Because honestly it's not the easiest quest. Yes it will feel great to not have to worry about your digestion any more...but you'll have to work hard to get there...for 12 months in a row. And the qualities like dedication and stick-to-it-ness are more rare than ever in today's world.

Or, maybe you're okay with gradually having worse and worse digestion. Because like most problems, men need to fix them, or they will get worse and more painful.

Now I don't know you personally...but there is one thing I know about you - you know it's not right for your digestion to be the way it is. And you know that you have many more years to live...and you want to live those years fully, with lots of energy, and maybe even while looking better than you did as a younger man...

Because frankly, by making the DigestStrong principles the way I live my life 85% of the time, I've found energy, digestive health, self-mastery and a physique that I never thought were possible.

But before you go all-in on your quest to reclaim your digestion, let's see if you can find some relief in the same way I did...by using probiotics*.

You should click this link to see the probiotics I formulated specifically for men's digestive issues. I formulated these probiotics after 6 years of running probiotics.org. The end result is the DigestStrong Probiotic Man Blend. These probiotics were made expressly so men can rebuild their digestion, and DigestStrong like I do now :D

Good luck on your quest to DigestStrong,

Evan Jerkunica

Founder of Probiotics.org and DigestStrong

P.S. As you can tell, I am not a doctor and nothing I write on this site is medical advice. You should always seek advice from your doctor on all health issues you may have, and before you start a new diet, supplement or exercise regimen.

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"Thank you for all the information. I was getting so discouraged this week after having all the symptoms listed above but after reading everyone’s experiences it has put my mind at ease and motivated me to push on. -Dorothy"

"Hi Evan. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your advice to people leaving comments and/or questions-you seem extremely knowledgeable on the subject. ~Jen"

"Evan, thanks so much for your time, advice and sharing your wealth of information. -Delaney"

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